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        The XC3105 Series is a complete constant
        current & constant voltage linear charger for
        single cell lithium-ion batteries. Its DFN package
        and low external component counts make the
        XC3105 Series ideally suited for portable
        applications. Furthermore, the XC3105 Series is
        specifically designed to work within USB power
        No external sense resistor is needed, and no
        blocking diode is required due to the internal
        MOSFET architecture. The charge voltage is fixed
        at 4.2V/4.3V/4.35V/4.4V, and the charge current
        can be programmed externally with a single
        resistor. The XC3105 Series automatically
        terminates the charge cycle when the charge
        current drops to 1/10 the programmed value after
        the final float voltage is reached.
        When the input supply (wall adapter or USB
        supply) is removed, the XC3105 Series
        automatically enters a low current state, dropping
        the battery drain current to less than 2uA. The
        XC3105 Series can be put into shutdown mode,
        reducing the supply current to 50uA.
        Under-voltage lockout, automatic recharge and
        two status pins to indicate charge and charge
        30V standoff input voltage at VCC pin
        Programmable Charge Current Up to 1000mA
        No MOSFET, Sense Resistor or Blocking Diode
        Complete Linear Charger in DFN Package for
        single Cell Lithium-Ion Batteries
        Charges Single Cell Li-Ion Batteries Directly from
        USB Port
        Preset 4.2V/4.3V/4.35V/4.4V Charge Voltage with
        ±1% Accuracy
        Charge Current Monitor Output for Gas Gauging
        Automatic Recharge
        Charge state pairs of output, no battery and fault
        status display
        CC/10 Charge Termination
        50uA Supply Current in Shutdown
        2.9V Trickle Charge Threshold
        Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current
        ESD HBM 2KV
        Available in DFN2x2-8 Package
        Cellular Telephones, PDAs, MP3 /MP4 Players
        GPS Applications
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