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        XB4908系列(A,AJ GJ等)

        過充電壓4.3-4.475V可選,過放2.4V,放電過流9A,充電過流6A,最大持續放電電流5A,內阻15.5mΩ,0V可充與禁充可選,單顆適用于5V 2.4A以內的移動電源,兩顆甚至多顆并聯適用于快充,可pin2pin替換XB7608系列!

        integration solution for lithium-ion/polymer battery protection. XB4908 J SERIES cont ains advanced power MOSFET, high-accu racy voltage detection circuits and delay ci -rcuits. XB4908 J SERIES is put into an ult ra-small ESN4 package and only one exter nal component makes it an ideal solution i n limited space of battery pack. XB4908 J SERIES has all the protection functions required in the battery application including overcharging, overdischarging, o vercurrent and load short circuiting protecti -on etc. The accurate overcharging detection voltage ensures safe and full utilization charging. The low standby current drains lit tle current from the cell while in storage. The device is not only targeted for digital cellular phones, but also for any other Li-Io n and Li-Poly battery-powered information appliances requiring long-term battery life.

        Protection of Charger Reverse Connec
        Protection of Battery Cell Reverse Con
        -nection Without external load
        Integrated Advanced Power MOSFET
        with Equivalent of 15.5 mΩ RSS(ON)
        Ultra-small ESN4 Package
        Only One External Capacitor Required
        Over-temperature Protection
        Overcharge Current Protection
        Two-step Overcurrent Detection
        -Overdischarge Current
        -Load Short Circuiting
        Low Current Consumption
        -Operation Mode: 3.5µA typ
        -Power-down Mode:2.0µA typ
        Charger Detection Function
        0V Battery Charging Function
        Delay Times are generated inside
        High-accuracy Voltage Detection
        RoHS Compliant and Lead (Pb) Free
        One-Cell Lithium-ion Battery Pack
        Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack
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