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        正極過壓保護,耐壓32V,過流0.2-2A,OVP=6.8V (常規,其他規格可定制)DFN2*2-8封裝,可pin2pin替換IP5305,SY5320等型號,適用于藍牙耳機以及掛脖耳機等穿戴產品,采用限流模式,打嗝模式以及關斷模式


        The HP2602 is a charger front-end integrated circuit
        designed to provide protection to Li-ion batteries from
        abnormal conditions. The device monitors the input voltage
        and the charging current to make sure both parameters are
        in normal range. The device will switch off internal MOSFET
        to disconnect IN from OUT to protect load when any of input
        voltage or output current exceeds the threshold. The Over
        Temperature Protection (OTP) function monitors chip
        temperature to protect the device. The device operates like
        a linear regulator, maintaining a 5.45V output with wide
        input voltage range.
        The HP2602 is available in DFN-2x2-8L, DFN-2x2-6L and
        SOT23-5L package. Standard products are Pb-free and
        Maximum Input Voltage: 32V
        Programmable OCP: 0.2A to 3A
        3 OCP Behaviors: hiccup always, hiccup 16 times and
        then latch, Constant Current Operation
        Input OVP: 6.8V
        LDO Mode Output: 5.45V
        Ultra-Low Power Path Resistor: 0.12Ω-Typical
        OVP Response Time: Less Than 1us
        Over Temperature Protection
        Soft-Start to Prevent Inrush Current
        Fault Indication Output
        Enable Input to Control Output
        High Immunity of False Triggering Under Transient
        Three Selectable Packages
        RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
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