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        正極OVP芯片,耐壓36V,電流0.2-2A, 采用SOT23-6/DFN2*2-8封裝形式,適用于掛脖耳機以及其他穿戴式產品,常用于搭配4054和4056等充電芯片使用,當然亦可單獨使用,因為很多主控都帶有充電功能,可完全pin LP5300等
        The HP2606 is a front-end over voltage and over
        current protection device. It achieves wide input
        voltage range from 2.5VDC to 40VDC. The over voltage
        threshold can be programmed externally or set to
        internal default setting. The ultra-low resistance of
        integrated power path nFET switch ensures better
        performance for battery charging system applications.
        It can deliver up to 2A current to satisfy the battery
        supply system. It integrates the over-temperature
        protection shutdown and auto-recovery circuit with
        hysteresis to protect against over current events. This
        device is available in ultra-small CSP1.5x1.0-6L(1.5mm
        X1.0mm) footprint, SOT23-6L and DFN2x2-8L
        (2mmX2mm) package, ideally for small PCB area
        Absolute maximum input voltage: 40V
        Maximum load current : 2A
        Extremely low power path resistance : 100mΩ
        Fixed Internal OVP threshold :
        5.85/6.1/6.8/10.5 V/14.0 (Typ.)
        OVP response time : 50ns
        Internal 15-ms Start-Up or OVP Recovery Delay
        Programmable over voltage threshold : 4V to
        Internal soft start to prevent In-rush current
        Thermal shutdown protection & Auto recovery
        Output short-circuit protection
        RoHS compliant and Halogen free
        Compact package: CSP1.5x1.0-6L, DFN2x2-8L,
        Wearable Device
        Mobile device
        In-Car device
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